In-office Wellness: The best part of your workday!

Workshops & Series

Spruce up your next wellness day or team building initiative with our informative and experiential talks and series.

Workshops/ Lectures

  • Tweak your posture, change your life! -  Tips on how to stand, sit, adjust your workspace, and stretch/exercises to improve posture and keep pain at bay
  • The Fat-Free Myth Debunked! -  How to reintroduce good fats into our daily meals and be as healthy as ever
  • Keeping Diabetes at bay -  A close look at sugar in its multiple forms, its effects on our digestive system and its direct impact on the onset of Type-2 diabetes
  • Men’s health - what foods and what exercises promote and/or discourage optimal male health (focus on prostate health, erectile dysfunction, fertility, hair & skin conditions, insomnia, stress, anger management, etc)
  • Women’s health - what foods, exercises and complementary therapies  promote and/or discourage optimal female health (focus on hormonal cycles, PMS, Fertility, Menopause, hair & skin conditions, insomnia, stress, anger management, etc)
  • Weight Gain / Weight Loss -  How Acupuncture can help you manage your weight, improve your mood and even give you a natural face lift!
  • Mindfulness: What it is, How it works and When to practice -  An introductory lecture and live demo on the clinical studies and impact of mindfulness and meditation on your brain and emotional health.  
  • Self Massage -  An introductory lecture on how to massage your body to get rid of pain and feel great!
  • Chair Yoga -  A live demo class with chair-assisted stretches that can be performed at your desk/in your cubicle wearing your normal work clothes and without a mat
  • Acupuncture: What it is, How it works and When to receive it -  An introduction to the origins of acupuncture and oriental medicine, indications on its effectiveness by the World Health Organization and different styles and techniques explained.
  • Chinese Herbal Medicine: What it is, what conditions it is for and how it works - An introduction to the origins of oriental herbology, indications, and effectiveness.


  • 1-2 week introduction to Mindfulness
  • 6-8 week Mindfulness Immersion
  • 12 week Complete MBSR Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program
  • 8-12 week Fitness Challenge (Zumba, High Intensity Interval Training (Tabata), Cardio-Burlesque, FigureSkate-Cardio, and other fun, strengthening and calorie burning class series)

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