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Mindfulness in Schools: if we’re teaching children about it….

Reducing anxiety about the past and the future and heightening awareness and enjoyment of the present... sounds like something we could all benefit from, whether we are kids, teenagers or adults.

How many of us find ourselves with destructive thoughts about ourselves, our jobs or our lives? Enter Mindfulness into the school classroom; a reflection of how our adult societies have suffered from the lack of this training as young children? Probably. I am so pleased to see this being instilled in schools because the sooner we learn and adopt these tools, the happier and more fulfilled choices we will make and richer lives we will lead.

This perhaps sums up the reason why I left the "corporate world" to launch DeNatura Wellness and offer services that I truly believe can make our lives better and happier. If I am to spend my life selling and marketing a product, let it be one that can hopefully help change the world and make it moment at a time.

Even Aetna is investigating and providing mindfulness for their employees and insurance clients - see AETNA MINDFULNESS HERE -...finally, we're listening!

Acupuncture can help with Chronic Anxiety

Here's a paradigm shift: in ancient China, Acupuncture was used as preventative medicine and traditional doctors of acupuncture would only get paid provided their patients maintained health. How our world has changed! A recent study showed that chronic anxiety can be treated with Acupuncture more effectively than with traditional pills. Read about it HERE.  …
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Yoga & Meditation drastically reduce hospital visits

The first time I ever did yoga I didn't "get it"... All I could think was "90 minutes of this???!!!" ... and even worse, I anticipated falling asleep (and maybe even snoring!) in front of everyone at the end, in that oh so comfy laying-down pose. But everyone harped on about it, and even my friend's Father seemed to…
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