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Advanced training for healthcare professionals


Trust our Board-licensed and Certified instructorswith decades of clinical and teaching experience, a passion for education! Our nationally recognized classes offer researched and time-tested learning techniques, fine-tuned to meet the evolving needs of the profession. NCBTMB Approved. Florida Board Approved. Automatic reporting to CE Broker.


Our classes are kept small on purpose: we believe in the benefit of learning in comfortable and intimate classes with no more than 18 students, where our instructors can be readily available to all participants, answer questions comfortably, establish a personal rapport, and ensure all participants receive 1-2-1 coaching.


Our classes are taught in English and/or Spanish by native speakers, depending on location and schedule. Advanced hands-on bodywork education received in the therapist’s native native language enhances the safety, skill and quality of our profession, making the therapeutic benefits of our work available to many more.

Continuing Education Subjects

Nurturing the Mother®

Designed by prenatal massage Pioneer, Claire Marie Miller,  this certification course in pregnancy massage, labor massage and support, postpartum massage and newborn/infant massage is one of the premier nationally recognized certifications, and has been taught since 1988.

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This 24-CE hour certification includes a live clinic with pregnant volunteers on the second day of the course to enhance your learning. At the end of this course you will sit through a certification examination. Upon passing the examination you will receive a Nurturing the Mother® Massage Therapist Certification.


Daybreak Geriatric Massage Certification – Level 1

The Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute Certification is the #1 recommended and nationally recognized training program in geriatric massage with a curriculum that has been taught in North America since 1982 and recognized by NCBTMB and AFMTE.

This 18 CE weekend workshop is the basis of Geriatric Massage and qualifies students for the Level 1 Certificate. By helping participants to gain insight into meaningful work with the elderly, the therapist who likes to work with seniors is put on the path to a massage career that is emotionally satisfying without being physically draining


Top 10 Deep Tissue & Myofascial Techniques in Side-Lying Position

This 18 CE class explores deep tissue and myofascial techniques in the side-lying position. The course focuses on safe and effective side-lying draping and bolstering, body mechanics, and how to work 3-dimensionally on deep tissue techniques and release mayo-fascial adhesions.


Traditional Thai on the Mat Certification

This 64 CE Certification in Traditional Northern Style Thai Massage On The Mat, is divided into 3 segments: Supine position (18 CE), Prone Position (18 CE) and Side-Lying & Sitting + Clinical Practicum (28 CE). Traditional Thai massage is  a healing art that has been used medicinally for centuries and  seamlessly blends acu-pressure, stretching and guided breathing thus working on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of bodywork all in once.


Hot & Cold Stone Geo-thermal Therapy

This 18 CE class teaches the ritual of chakra energy balancing through the use hot and cold stones and the anointment of therapeutic essential oils.  Influenced by the Hawaiian/Polynesian style of geo-thermal massage, the course lays out a foundation for a ritualistic and deeply therapeutic and nurturing healing journey.


Swedish Meets Thai on the Table

This 18 CE course seamlessly blends the benefits of Thai Massage stretches and acupressure integrating them into a traditional Swedish oil massage protocol. Focus on safe and effective draping and bolstering, body mechanics and Table-Thai adaptations during an oil massage will be explored at length.


Foot Reflexology with Essential Oils & Tool

This 18 CE course combines the therapeutic effects of foot reflexology and essential oils, as well as introducing the wooden tool to prevent joint deterioration in the therapist’s hand. The course teaches a full step-by-step acu-pressure massage protocol, guidance on therapeutic oil usage by reflex point, therapeutic protocols for common conditions, and a focused approach to healthy body mechanics.


Herbal Ball with Aromatherapy Massage

This 12 CE course will teach you how to create, safely apply and use the steamed herbal poultice “herbal ball” as part of a unique and relaxing massage ritual. You will learn safe and effective massage techniques using the herbal poultice to release tense muscles, and also learn how to create your own herbal poultices. Course includes 2 herbal balls per student and DIY kit.


Facial Rejuvenation

This 12 CE course led by both Teba Orueta and Dr Marisol McManus will enable you to become proficient in offering a deeply relaxing and therapeutic treatment for the face, neck, and head. You will learn a selection of effective acu-pressure, myofascial, facial cupping and gua sha scrapping techniques to help with TMJ, migraines, eye strain, and the appearance of wrinkles. The protocol can be applied as a stand-alone treatment or as part of a full body massage.


Upcoming Classes – MIAMI

Daybreak Geriatric Massage Level 1 (18 CE)

JUNE 7-9 • Miami • $295 ($250 early bird) • Bay Oaks Retirement Community: 305 814 9818

Nurturing the Mother® Prenatal SPA Certification (16CE) EN ESPAÑOL

JULY 11-12 • Miami • $295 ($250 early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313 • THIS CLASS IS IN SPANISH

Foot Reflexology with Essential Oils & Pressure Tool (18 CE)

JUL 25-26 • Miami • $325 ($295 early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313

Top 10 Deep Tissue & Myofascial Techniques in Side-Lying Position (12 CE)

AUG 15-16 • Miami • $225 ($195 early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313

Nurturing the Mother® (24 CE) Certification

AUG 19-21 • Miami • $495 ($450 early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313

Facial Rejuvenation & Acu-Pressure Massage (12 CE)

AUG 22-23 • Miami • $225 ($195 early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313

Cupping & Gua Sha (12 CE)

AUGUST DATE TO BE CONFIRMED • MIAMI • $225 ($195 Early bird) • Praxis Institute: 786-230-6313

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About The Instructor

Teba Orueta, B.A., LMT,  is a Board-Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor (YA-200) and Professional Educator. She teaches on behalf of The Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute and Claire Marie Miller Seminars, in Florida and the Caribbean.

Teba has taught advanced technical training in skilled hands-on bodywork to healthcare professionals and SPAs, including The Westin Cayman Islands and The Ritz-Carlton Abama Golf & Spa Resort. She combines  her Sales & Marketing background with her skilled passion for holistic healing techniques to create versatile, fun and highly educational seminars filled with 1-2-1 coaching, hands-on practical training and marketing insights to help therapists promote their practice beyond the classroom.



Board-Certified in the State of Florida as a Licensed Massage Therapist. Certified as a Yoga Instructor 200. Certified Prenatal Therapist. Certified Geriatric Massage Therapist.

Licensures & Certifications

Board-Certified in the State of Florida as a Licensed Massage Therapist • Yoga Alliance YA-200 Certified Instructor • Certified Prenatal Massage Therapist • Certified Geriatric Massage Therapist

Conference Speaker

Jacksonville College Frisch Institute for Senior Care • University fo Miami • Lean-IN Miami • EcoBabyExpo • American Association of Legal Administrators

Technical Training

Neuro-Muscular Therapy • Anatomy Trains • Reflexology • Oncology • Thai Massage • Neuro-Testing • Micro-Current Therapy • Aromatherapy • Cupping • Prenatal & Postpartum • Geriatric • Infant •


Michelle R.

``Recomiendo mucho este curso, y la manera como lo ha impartido Teba, respondiendo a todas nuestras dudas y además la experiencia de la clínica con mujeres embarazadas fue muy gratificante.`` - MIchelle NTM Prenatal 2019

Isabel A.

``Me encantó que fue en español, Descubres técnicas súper increíbles que hacen el trabajo pre y posparto mucho más llevadero y psicológicamente presta gran ayuda a la Madre.`` - Isabel A. NTM 2019


``The Instructor, Setup, Manuals and Material covered was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style and the mix of hands-on and teaching. I will highly recommend.`` Attendee, Herbal Ball AUG 2017


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