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DeNatura Wellness


Advanced training for healthcare professionals


Trust our Board-licensed and Certified instructorswith decades of clinical and teaching experience, a passion for education! Our nationally recognized classes offer researched and time-tested learning techniques, fine-tuned to meet the evolving needs of the profession. NCBTMB Approved. Florida Board Approved. Automatic reporting to CE Broker.


Our classes are kept small on purpose: we believe in the benefit of learning in comfortable and intimate classes with no more than 18 students, where our instructors can be readily available to all participants, answer questions comfortably, establish a personal rapport, and ensure all participants receive 1-2-1 coaching.


Our classes are taught in English and/or Spanish by native speakers, depending on location and schedule. Advanced hands-on bodywork education received in the therapist’s native native language enhances the safety, skill and quality of our profession, making the therapeutic benefits of our work available to many more.

Nurturing the Mother® Prenatal

The premier nationally recognized certification, taught since 1988, in pregnancy massage, labor massage and support, postpartum massage and newborn/infant massage with a live, hands-on clinic.

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Designed by prenatal pioneer, ClaireMarie Miller, this 24-CE hour certification is an in-depth course on the techniques, indications, contraindications, marketing and couple services you can offer to clients who are expecting. The class includes a beautiful and touching live clinic with pregnant volunteers on the second day of the course to enhance your learning and ensure you can put to practice your new skills with a real model.  At the end of this course you will feel confident, prepared and skilled. You will complete a certification examination at the end of class. Upon passing the examination you will receive a Nurturing the Mother® Massage Therapist Certification and be on your way to start your practice.


YOU ARE WORTHY – YO MEREZCO:  a unique self development retreat

Unleash the greatness, beauty and bounty your life has in store in this unique and transformational weekend open to adult men and women.

Manifiesta una vida plena, feliz, bella y abundante en este evento único de transformación personal.  Abierto a hombres y mujeres adultos.

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A 2-day weekend retreat that will help you tune-in to your inner power, focus on your desires, sense spirit, and identify negative patterns holding you back from achieving the happiness you deserve. Unleash the greatness, beauty and bounty your life has in store in this unique and transformational weekend.

The 2-day retreat includes healthy nutritional coaching as well as freshly prepared meals and pressed juices both days.

DATE: Sat – Sun MAY 23-24, 2020 (NEW MOON)

SCHEDULE: 9:30AM-4:30PM both days

PRICE: PRICE: $395 before January 30th. $450 thereafter. $650 special price for 2 tickets ($325 each when purchased together).

REGISTRATIONS: Call +1 (305) 814-9818, or log onto

In this YOU ARE WORTHY retreat you will learn to: 

  • Recognize your inner silence and tune-into the power within
  • Make space for infinite possibilities; do less and attract more
  • Focus your desires from a place of deep connection to The Source
  • Sense that spiritual help is available to you each and every day, and at all times
  • Identify negative patterns and begin to attract what you truly desire

This retreat is dedicated to tuning into the happiness you deserve, so you can open yourself to it and allow it to reach you. We will release the obstacles that have taken hold of your subconscious and prevented you from enjoying abundance through tools like Generative Coaching and gentle Kundalini Yoga. Awaken your worth and begin attracting and manifesting what you want most in your life.


You are the owner of your life. It is up to you to decide when to begin your transformation. Only you can decide what you attract into your life: you do not attract what you deserve, but what you FEEL YOU DESERVE.

The tools will we be employing:

  1. Gentle Kundalini Yoga: We will begin each day with this ancestral practice to help us connect with our bodies and calm our minds. We will mobilize the energy within, release the nervous system, let go of blockages and make space for intuition in body and soul.
  2. Generative Coaching: This type of coaching works on a person’s essence or core. We connect to it through CREATIVE process, manifesting the flow of new experiences, behaviors, and objectives.  Coming from the premise that the reality around us is created through our “state of being”, we will find the keys to unlocking our inner “state of being” so we may manifest what is missing in our lives.  We will approach this from the thought that “WE DO NOT SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS BUT AS WE ARE” because we are limited by a belief system that prevents us from moving forward towards what we truly desire.
  3. Relaxation and Visualization: Our workshop will focus on beliefs, somatic postures, invisible influences, cultural background and more. We will create a state of relaxation that helps us connect to new resources to help us recover our flow and achieve what we dream for ourselves.

Not sure what Generative Coaching is? Click here to watch a video:

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Aprenderemos a romper con los pensamientos y comportamientos que nos limitan para poder sintonizar y lograr atraer la riqueza, amor y oportunidad que nos presenta nuestra vida.

El retiro de 2 días incluirá pautas de nutrición holística así como los almuerzos y jugos recién exprimidos .

FECHA: sábado – domingo 23-24 de mayo de 2020 (LUNA NUEVA)

HORARIO: 9:30AM-4:30PM ambos días

PRECIO:PRICE: $395 antes del 30 de enero. $450 después 1 de febrero.  $650 precio “merecedor” por la compra de 2 tickets conjuntos  ($325 por persona cuando se compran conjuntamente).

MATRICULACIONES: Llame al  +1 (305) 814-9818, o conéctese a

En este evento YO MEREZCO aprenderás a:

  • Reconocer tu silencio interno para sintonizar con el poder que reside en ti.
  • Abrir campo infinito de posibilidades para hacer menos, y atraer más.
  • Enfocar tu deseo desde un estado de conexión con la Fuente.
  • Sentir que la ayuda espiritual está presente cada día y en todo momento.
  • Detectar patrones negativos repetitivos y empezar a atraer exactamente lo que quieres.

Un evento dedicado a que sintonices con la felicidad que te mereces, te abras a ella, y permitas que todo llegue a ti. Lo haremos liberando los obstáculos que impiden que esa abundancia llegue a tu vida y que se anclan en nuestro subconsciente. Utilizaremos las herramientas de Coaching Generativo y Kundalini Yoga. Un evento para sintonizar con lo más importante que quieres crear en tu vida y despertar a nuevos merecedores


Tú eres dueño(a) de tu VIDA. Sólo has de decidir cuándo empiezas el cambio.

Tú decides lo que atraes a tu vida, y no atraemos a nuestras vidas lo que nos merecemos sino LO QUE SENTIMOS QUE MERECEMOS.

Las herramientas que utilizaremos:

  1. Kundalini Yoga: Empezaremos el día con esta ancestral práctica que nos ayuda a conectar con nuestro cuerpo y calmar nuestra mente. Movilizaremos la energía del cuerpo, liberando el sistema nervioso, soltando bloqueos y abriendo un espacio intuitivo en nuestra mente y nuestra alma.
  2. Coaching Generativo: Coaching Generativo es un tipo de coaching que trabaja desde la esencia de la persona. Conectamos a la persona con un estado interior CREATIVO desde donde puede avanzar hacia algo nuevo en su vida que nunca antes ha existido a través de un fluir disciplinado con nuevos comportamientos, experiencias y objetivos. Enfatizamos la idea de que la realidad que nos rodea está construida por el estado. El estado interior, es la clave para conseguir algo en tu vida que hoy no existe. Partimos de la premisa de que NO VEMOS EL MUNDO COMO ES SINO COMO SOMOS. Es decir, que estamos limitados por un mapa de creencias mentales que nos impide avanzar hacia lo que verdaderamente deseamos.
  3. Relajación y Visualización: Trabajamos con creencias, posturas somáticas, influencias invisibles en tu vida, espacio cultural…Creamos un estado de relajación que nos permite conectar con nuevos recursos que nos ayudan a conseguir que las cosas vuelvan a fluir y llegar al estado deseado que soñamos en nuestras vidas.

Video sobre coaching generativo:


Daybreak Geriatric Massage Certification

(18 or 32 CE) This is the #1 recommended and nationally recognized training program in geriatric massage with a curriculum, taught since 1982 and recognized by NCBTMB and AFMTE.

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The Certification is made up of two 18 CE levels focused on seniors encountering normal health decline due to aging, including Diabetes, Hypertension, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Alzheimer’s and more.

Level 1 (18 CE) Focuses on practice and mastery of this meaningful work with the robust senior on a massage table in the prone, supine and side-lying position. This level includes a live, hands-on clinic with seniors at a residential retirement home.

Level 2 (18 CE) Further develops skill with wheelchair and physically disabled seniors, as well as those facing cognitive decline and in memory care. This level includes 2 days of on-site, live hands-on work in a nursing facility with a memory care unit.

The therapist who likes to work with seniors is put on the path to a massage career that is emotionally satisfying without being physically draining.

Swedish Meets Thai on the Table

This 18 CE course seamlessly blends the benefits of Thai Massage stretches and acupressure integrating them into a traditional Swedish oil massage protocol. Focus on safe and effective draping and bolstering, body mechanics and Table-Thai adaptations during an oil massage will be explored at length.


Foot Reflexology with Essential Oils & Tool

(18 CE) Combines the therapeutic effects of foot reflexology with essential oils, and master the use and application of the thumb-saving wooden tool to prevent joint deterioration in the therapist’s hand while achieving optimal reflexology results. Price includes wooden tools.



This interactive class focuses on how to tame the golgi-tendon organ effectively and how to get proficient at using PNF’s with stretches to improve your client’s range of motion. Master over 20 stretches in the prone, supine and side-lying positions, get specific 1-2-1 coaching, enjoy ample time to practice, learn effective and safe body mechanics, and enhance your practice in this 2-day class.


Foot Massage for Beginners

This 4-hour weekend introductory class for beginners teaches you the fundamentals to give a deeply relaxing foot massage to friends and family. Created for the lay person and open to all willing to learn a new skill, this fun and interactive 4-hr workshop will tech you basic techniques, and an easy to follow step-by-step sequence. Learn from licensed therapist, professional instructor and Spa trainer and former CE Director of Educating Hands Massage School, Teba Orueta.


Thai Massage Certification

(64 CE) Master traditional Thai massage on the Mat- Northern Style. Emerge proficient and skilled in supine, prone, side-lying, sitting and therapeutic techniques, body mechanics and live hands-on practice with the live clinic included in this in-depth certification. Gain expertise in sen-line energy work, acu-pressure, stretching and guided breathing for physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


Hot & Cold Stone Therapy

(18 CE) Learn the ritual of chakra energy balancing through the use hot and cold stones and the anointment of therapeutic essential oils.  Influenced by the Hawaiian/Polynesian style of geo-thermal massage, the course lays out a foundation for a ritualistic and deeply therapeutic and nurturing healing journey.


Top 10 Deep Tissue & Myofascial Techniques in Side-Lying Position

(18 CE) Master deep tissue and myofascial techniques in the side-lying position. The course focuses on safe and effective side-lying draping and bolstering, body mechanics, and 3-dimensional bodywork to release myo-fascial adhesions.


Herbal Ball with Aromatherapy Massage

(12 CE) Create, safely apply and use steamed herbal poultices a.k.a. “herbal balls” as part of a unique and relaxing massage ritual to release tense muscles. The course also teaches you how to create your own herbal poultices. Price includes 2 herbal balls and DIY kit.


Facial Massage & Rejuvenation

(12 CE ) Develop skill and proficiency in therapeutic and deeply relaxing techniques for  face, neck, and head. Learn effective acu-pressure, myofascial, facial cupping and gua sha scrapping techniques to help with TMJ, migraines, eye strain, and the appearance of wrinkles.


Ethics, Law & Medical Errors

(6 CE ) This is a live, in-person review of the mandatory subjects of Ethics (2CE), Florida Law (2 CE) and Prevention of Medical Errors (2 CE) specifically designed for Licensed Massage Therapists.  Live with Q&A session led by former Educating Hands Director, Iris Burman.



Nurturing the Mother® Certification

(24 CE) DEC 2-4 2019 • Miami • $495 ($450 early bird) • Registrations: 305-814-9818



Daybreak Geriatric Massage Certification L1

(24 CE) FEB 2020 • Miami • $495 ($450 early bird) • Registrations: 305-814-9818


MAY 23-24: YO Merezco / YOU Are Worthy

FEB 22-23 • Miami • $395 ($345 early bird before 1/10/20 or $590 for combo purchase of 2 tickets) • Registrations: (305) 814-9818


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Our Instructors

Teba Orueta, B.A., LMT, YA-200

Teba Orueta, B.A., LMT, is a Board-Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Yoga Instructor (YA-200), Professional Educator and Wellness Consultant. She teaches on behalf of The Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute and Claire Marie Miller Seminars, in Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean. Teba also teaches advanced technical training in skilled hands-on bodywork to healthcare professionals and SPAs, including The Westin Cayman Islands and The Ritz-Carlton Abama Golf & Spa Resort. Florida, Georgia and the Caribbean. Teba also teaches advanced technical training in skilled hands-on bodywork to healthcare professionals and SPAs, including The Westin Cayman Islands and The Ritz-Carlton Abama Golf & Spa Resort.

Dr. Marisol McManus, A.P. DOM

Dr. Marisol McManus, A.P. is a Board Certified Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Herbalist, Injection Therapist and Medical Qi-Gong Instructor. She teaches Cupping, Gua Sha and Facial Rejuvenation courses to licensed therapists and acupuncture physicians who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of traditional chinese medical practices and the theory of 5-elements.

Iris Burman, LMT

Iris is the co-founder and director of Educating Hands School of Massage for its first 37 years, teaching and providing holistic bodywork for over 40 years. She is the coauthor of “TouchAbilities”, a pre-eminent method of teaching and learning massage. Iris has developed and taught every subject in the school curriculum, supporting thousands of therapists in developing a holistic approach to bodywork while establishing good body mechanics to extend the length and quality of their careers.


Michelle R.

``Recomiendo mucho este curso, y la manera como lo ha impartido Teba, respondiendo a todas nuestras dudas y además la experiencia de la clínica con mujeres embarazadas fue muy gratificante.`` - MIchelle NTM Prenatal 2019

Isabel A.

``Me encantó que fue en español, Descubres técnicas súper increíbles que hacen el trabajo pre y posparto mucho más llevadero y psicológicamente presta gran ayuda a la Madre.`` - Isabel A. NTM 2019


``The Instructor, Setup, Manuals and Material covered was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching style and the mix of hands-on and teaching. I will highly recommend.`` Attendee, Herbal Ball AUG 2017


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