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Substance Abuse costs the workplace $442 billion

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Substance Abuse costs the workplace $442 billion

Sleeping pills, pain-killers, alcohol, hard drugs… Over 20+ million Americans are affected by substance use and abuse and 75% of them are in your office. With today’s results-driven and constantly connected lifestyle, well…it’s no surprise that you may be one of them.

Most employers don’t realize this costs $442 billion dollars in absenteeism, increased healthcare expenses and lost productivity at work.

Curious to know what the risk may be in your company? Here is a calculator that combines the latest research on employment costs with data from National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) to calculate how much substance use and misuse in your workforce may be costing you.

At DeNatura® Wellness we provide skills training and tools for you and your employees to become more resilient when faced with stress. Our mental health counselors, executive coaches, physicians and licensed massage therapists can help set up the right program for your company.

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