In-office Wellness: The best part of your workday!

Yoga & Stretch

86 percent of American workers sit all day at their job. Add to that the time spent sitting on the couch after work watching TV, reading, playing games or surfing the Internet, and that becomes close to 13 hours sitting, according to a survey by Ergotron.

Standing, stretching and moving often is a key element to keeping a supple body and an alert mind. There is ample medical research indicating that prolonged sitting increases the risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and even death.

Allowing the body some time every day to "recover" through guided physical movement (stretching), breathing, visualizations and meditative exercise (yoga) will not only help prevent the onset of chronic disease and pain patterns but also give a heightened sense of freedom and awareness of the body.  Contrary to common belief, no special fitness level or condition is required to participate in stretching or yoga - an eager and willing spirit suffice.

How Does In-office Stretching/Yoga Work?

  • A class maybe offered individually or to a group in an empty conference room or even at the cubicle/desk.
  • Lasts from 30-60 minutes, and may not require a change of clothes.
  • Given by a professionally Yoga Alliance trained and insured instructor with ample experience, the class can be tailored to the postural corrective needs of the group.
  • Yoga class typically performed using just the body weight and the floor as support. CHAIR YOGA options are also available.
  • Focuses on guiding proper breathing, expanding tight musculature and releasing tension through specific stretches and movements, guided visualizations and guided breathing exercises.

Set-up and make it a success!  CALL TODAY (305) 302 6359 to schedule a regular in-office stretching/yoga plan.


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