In-office Wellness: The best part of your workday!

Therapeutic Massage

In-office therapeutic massage therapy ranks high in uptake and usage of wellness dollars by most employees.  They are a popular choice and a much appreciated one, versus other services that are harder to “sell” to the employee.

Massage has been proven to reduce the "stress hormone" cortisol by 30% and increase "happy hormones" such as serotonin and dopamine by 28% and 30% respectively. Conducted as an in-office massage treatment, the effects on stress, anxiety, pain and muscle tension go further. A regular 30-45 minute massage can calm the nervous system, boost alertness, increase circulation and provide a change of pace for the body, mind and spirit to relax and rejuvenate. This in turn yields not only better and more focused on-the-job productivity but also goes further.... you return home a better, more enjoyable person to be around.

Physical Therapy exercises allow the body to recover mobility and free itself of pain. Click HERE for more specific information on Physical Therapy.

When experienced regularly, in-office massage therapy and in-office physical therapy encourage a heightened awareness of body, posture and the source of aches and pains, helping identify and release tension before it becomes a problem. As an enjoyable experience, both can motivate employees to pursue other important lifestyles changes in diet, exercise, etc. to benefit them long-term. As well as reducing stress-related lost work-day and industrial accidents, in-office massage therapy and in-office physical therapy increase focus, improve mood and promote wellbeing, all of which translate into better inter-office relationships, communication and focus. Ultimately, happy employees are more likely to be loyal to the company.

How does In-office Massage Therapy work?

  • The therapeutic treatment is given in a designated space like a private conference room or a private office
  • For mid to long term therapeutic results, the minimum time should be 30 minutes.
  • Does not require the use of oils or creams and may take place with the receiver fully clothed
  • Performed by a DeNatura Wellness specially trained, professionally licensed and insured massage therapist or physical therapist. The therapists's ample experience allows tailoring the session to the needs of the receiver
  • Therapy may be focused on specific areas: head, neck, shoulders, hands, forearms, feet, back, etc. or full body depending on time allocated.
  • Effective in-office massage therapy and in-office physical therapy are ideally received on a massage table. A massage table allows for the best access to the body for posture improvement and therapeutic benefit. Massage tables may be set-up and dismantled quickly and make it easier for women wearing dresses or skirts to receive treatment effectively.


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